GenySoft’s commitment to quality management means all decision-making processes take place within planned timeframes and budgets, and all contractual obligations are fulfilled.

Our quality management system covers all major processes in management, support and delivery of services, including marketing, design, development, production, testing, implementation and support of software solutions and systems.


We are constantly improving our quality systems to reflect international best practices in quality management, resulting in proven business effectiveness and efficiency. Our open-minded approach to business process management provides objective information about its effectiveness and helps us identify development areas.


Project management and implementation at GenySoft are based on models and methodologies such as CMMi, OPM3, RUP and SCRUM, which ensures the high quality of our products and services.


Our methodology allows for flexible adjustment of production and collaboration processes based on client needs, and provides an individual approach to every client, regardless of the size of the project and organisation.

  • Through all project lifecycle phases – from requirements and design, to testing and deployment all the way to production and support
  • It ensures strict adherence to established roles, templates, communication and project management procedures
  • Provides engagement governance that guarantees total transparency and predictability in all operations
  • Ensures committment to continuous improvement. This is supported with regular customer satisfaction surveys that are carried out at all organizational levels

  • Process tailoring during engagement setup
  • Project progress assessments and audits (milestone reviews, phase completion)
  • Verification of project deliverables (plans, requirements, architecture, design, code inspections, testing documentation, etc.)
  • Environment configuration reviews
  • Communication management and reporting reviews
  • Implementation of corrective actions
  • Quality Assurance Training for all staff

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