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The Banking & Financial Services industry has always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies to transform business operations and customer service. The emergence of digital services enabled by APIs, cloud, and analytics has taken the industry to the next level of transformation that sets the standard even for other industries. 

Genysoft has been playing its part in this industry for over 15 years: from the days of implementing middleware for EAI and payments processing to today’s trend of enabling digital banking services. Irrespective of industry trends, Genysoft has been focused on driving up efficiencies in banking operations through enterprise systems integration and API-based inter-system communication.

We are now continuing our journey with large banks and financial services companies with continuous innovation toward an exciting future of total digital banking.

Business Optimization :

The financial services industry requires rapid response to ever-changing requirements, regulations, and financial pressures.

Menlo Technologies can help you optimize business processes allowing you to improve operational efficiency and manage the complexities of regulatory reform. Our customized software solutions deliver true value with:

  • Server and application status
  • Utilization of Servers, RAM, Storage
  • Overall system performance
  • Firewall security
  • Generation of reports
  • Issue tracking
  • Network throughput

Data Analytics :

The constantly expanding volume of unstructured data in the financial services industry is a blessing and a curse.

Menlo Technologies will help you understand and interpret your data with best practices for information management that include data ownership, data architecture, sourcing, modeling, validation, cleansing, access, distribution practices, retention and archival policies. We’ll also give your customers access to self-service analytics tools including:

Pervasive Analytics:

Publishing reports to help embed predictive analytics into all business processes.

Real-time Analytics:

Providing self-explanatory, business-oriented analytics.

Scalable Analytics:

Creating tools to help users interpret Big Data.

Cloud Analytics:

Providing SaaS-based data warehousing.

Social Analytics:

Utilizing social decision-making combined with analytics.

Digital Experience

The financial services industry is embracing digital.

The financial services industry is embracing digital in areas like mobile banking, customer complaint reporting, customer engagement, and employee education. Menlo Technologies will help you integrate the digital experience into your overall business strategy:

  • Implementing methods that enable changes to be made quickly on digital platforms such as websites, mobile, social, and portals
  • Embracing a mobile-first mindset
  • Creating a seamless customer experience by embracing and integrating technology like social media platforms, the web, and mobile
  • Upgrading customer-facing systems to improve and expedite interactions
  • Transforming the customer experience

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory challenges will continue to impact the financial services industry for years to come.

Many institutions are struggling to improve their ability to respond as they seek to recover lost income from traditional revenue streams.
Regulatory compliance, compliance frameworks, and standards have generated a demand for compliance-related technology and integrated risk management-related technology services for middle-office operations. Menlo’s compliance management and services solutions provide regulatory risk management, while our frameworks encompass technology management and bank compliance that can improve:

  • Risk and regulatory reporting
  • Information security
  • IT governance
  • IT assurance

Experienced and Certified Developers

bkgd.jpgBuilding a great development team is not very complex, but it is darn difficult to do. At Genysoft, we recruit one of your core competencies and build your teams in the line of your expertise and business lines. We are constantly hiring talented developers and train them to suit your needs.

Our Partners just have the final word, but we do all the heavy lifting.

No Pains of Offshoring

Genysoft consulting and offshoring is a great service to solve your problems: a shortage of developers, limited budgets, and bad offshoring options. So, we built the the services to support our partners to grow their development teams radipdly with no pain and operational cost.

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