GenySoft’s approaches towards risk management and our methodologies are aimed at facilitating more effective and flexible engagement with our clients. This allows us to deliver a closer fit with your needs and richer functionality, resulting in higher value for your company. GenySoft employs project management methodologies, and has been internally assessed to comply with CMMI Level 5 standards.


To ensure optimal project efficiency, our experienced project managers seamlessly integrate business imperatives with the latest technologies and methodologies to proactively drive business value delivery.

  • offers a complete set of collaboration tools for project planning, reporting, issue management, announcements and alerting, document sharing and more
  • provides clients with total operational transparency, visibility and control at all times, with online data availability 24/7


We tailor each outsourcing engagement to meet our clients’ specific needs, carefully setting up a highly engineered, productive environment. Our range of methodologies and tools, combined with our extensive experience, enable us to realise benefits for our clients quickly and cost-effectively.

In 2012, GenySoft adopted an Agile project management methodology. This methodology is primarily used for enterprise custom application development and for software product engineering scenarios.


A communication channel established at the very start of engagement allows us to identify and address any issues that impact service quality. We take great care in defining roles, responsibilities and escalation channels at both ends for operative and business aspects.

  • Through all project life-cycle phases – from requirements and design, to testing and deployment all the way to production and support
  • It ensures strict adherence to established roles, templates, communication and project management procedures
  • Provides engagement governance that guarantees total transparency and predictability in all operations
  • Ensures committment to continuous improvement. This is supported with regular customer satisfaction surveys that are carried out at all organizational levels

  • Process tailoring during engagement setup
  • Project progress assessments and audits (milestone reviews, phase completion)
  • Verification of project deliverables (plans, requirements, architecture, design, code inspections, testing documentation, etc.)
  • Environment configuration reviews
  • Communication management and reporting reviews
  • Implementation of corrective actions
  • Quality Assurance Training for all staff

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