Whether it’s streamlining business processes or enabling new operating models, we’re helping our clients transform. Carriers can create economic value by reviewing and updating their business and operating models to take full advantage of new opportunities such as connected insurance, the power of analytics and artificial intelligence, and ecosystems. Simply digitizing existing processes is not enough.Our insurance consulting services are using AI, cloud, and other transformative technologies to help P&C insurers, life carriers, intermediaries, and reinsurers improve their core operations, develop new sources of revenue growth, and pivot successfully to ‘the new’. Our focus is on the effective reach of next-generation commerce while enhancing the customer experience.
We help our clients become more relevant to customers, more agile, and more secure in the face of cyber-threats. In short, we are helping equip them to thrive in a much more dynamic future.


The deployment of IT in the insurance sector is a buzzword nowadays. A variety of technologies are all set to transform the traditional insurance industry. Many insurers have already started to transform themselves digitally and started offering convenience, choice, security, and comparison.

The blockchain, smart contracts, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence altogether provide new ways to control, measure, and engage with the insurance industry customers while reducing costs and improving efficiency. And needless to mention that the digitalization in the insurance industry is increasing the customer experience. Life insurance and traditional insurance agents are available for online processes, often at lower prices. Many services are now based on technology. Thus, consumers can pay their premiums, make a claim, and get relevant information without moving anywhere.

The digital age also helped insurers to save on their operational costs. And that is being passed towards customers in the form of not expensive policies online. The other advantage of the digitalized insurance segment is speedy sell services and increased efficiency. Technology has enabled standardization and has improved the quality of response and services faster; it has eliminated fraud chances.

Genysoft Highlights to achieve your Insurance industry

  • With Genysoft, the insurance companies get access to engineers with broad technical experience
  • With us, they can stop worrying about any technological involvement in the segment
  • We manage on-site emergency coverage for all the business chains and offices anywhere in the country and outside
  • We work with any technology that is perfect for your business
  • We try to transform your customer experience and benefit your policyholders in their daily lives
  • Genysoft is working to elevate but the age of digital insurance and help your company to unlock customer insights, operational excellence, and agile business models.
  • We help your company in fraud prevention by establishing a technology framework and tapping into advanced automation analytics.
  • With digital signature technology, we have lowered fake insurance account activations and fake claims.
  • By integrating various forms of payments, we allow ultimate flexibility to your customers and make your billing system more efficient

Experienced and Certified Developers

bkgd.jpgBuilding a great development team is not very complex, but it is darn difficult to do. At Genysoft, we recruit one of your core competencies and build your teams in the line of your expertise and business lines. We are constantly hiring talented developers and train them to suit your needs.

Our Partners just have the final word, but we do all the heavy lifting.

No Pains of Offshoring

Genysoft consulting and offshoring is a great service to solve your problems: a shortage of developers, limited budgets, and bad offshoring options. So, we built the the services to support our partners to grow their development teams radipdly with no pain and operational cost.

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