We know that delegating any part of your own software development is an intimate process. We proactively adhere to the strict industry security standards and carry out further improvements on a regular basis beyond the scope of standard practices.


Infrastructure, which includes physical components, power components, telecom and the overall system, is reliable, state-of-art and offer very high availability. We have solid systems and processes for infrastructure control, upkeep and management.

We have comprehensive security in place at our buildings and at individual rooms to prevent unauthorized access, damage, or interference to the information systems as well as to protect equipment from physical and environmental threats.

  • Office security guard 24×7
  • Electronic access control system
  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion alarm
  • Fire alarm
  • Secure server room
  • Backup power supply sources
  • Backup communication channel
  • Lightning protection
  • External backup facility


We have thoroughly developed our security systems, policies and institutionalization to guarantee that your intellectual property is always safe. We are highly conscious of security issues, respecting IP rights and adhering to all appropriate India and US standards.

  • Corporate Legal Plan, includes
    • General Terms and Conditions
    • Code of Conduct
  • Corporate Continuity Plan, includes
    • Pandemic Plan
    • Infrastructure Recovery Plan
  • Corporate Security Plan, includes
    • IT Security Policy
    • IP Security Policy
    • Physical Security Policy
  • Regular IP awareness workshops


We have built an effective and standardized methodology for managing information security that is continually improved, to minimize risks before, during and after deployment.

  • NDA and Confidentiality agreements with clients and all employees
  • Access control: Active Directory
  • Firewalls for both external and internal access
  • Media: controlled access and secure disposal
  • Encryption of VPN tunnels and emails
  • Automatic event log monitoring
  • Fault prevention tools
  • Isolated network segments, centralized antivirus control
  • Controlled Internet access via proxy server and traffic monitoring

  • Through all project lifecycle phases – from requirements and design, to testing and deployment all the way to production and support
  • It ensures strict adherence to established roles, templates, communication and project management procedures
  • Provides engagement governance that guarantees total transparency and predictability in all operations
  • Ensures committment to continuous improvement. This is supported with regular customer satisfaction surveys that are carried out at all organizational levels

  • Process tailoring during engagement setup
  • Project progress assessments and audits (milestone reviews, phase completion)
  • Verification of project deliverables (plans, requirements, architecture, design, code inspections, testing documentation, etc.)
  • Environment configuration reviews
  • Communication management and reporting reviews
  • Implementation of corrective actions
  • Quality Assurance Training for all staff

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