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Matomo Analytics: Genysoft has integrated Matomo Analytics to generate in-depth visitor reports.

Matomo, previously known as “Piwik”, stands as a popular free and open-source web analytics tool. Its primary function is to monitor online visits to single or multiple websites and generate comprehensive reports, facilitating in-depth analysis of these visits that provide valuable insights for businesses and website owners.

Matomo is an ideal choice for sectors like public administration, healthcare, or law firms due to its installation on the user’s server, ensuring data ownership. Additionally, you have the option to install the analytics software on your own server, either physically within your company premises or using cloud services from providers like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft. Matomo provides a wealth of features, including detailed visitor tracking, real-time analytics, and customizable dashboards. It tracks various aspects of user behavior, such as page views, downloads, and search engine keywords, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into their audience’s preferences and interactions. Matomo’s focus on privacy is evident in its anonymization of visitor IP addresses and its respect for “Do Not Track” settings, ensuring a secure and respectful user experience.

One of Matomo’s key strengths lies in its e-commerce analytics capabilities, allowing online businesses to monitor product views, conversions, and revenue, thereby optimizing their digital storefronts for maximum efficiency. The platform’s plugin system further enhances its functionality, enabling users to tailor Matomo to their specific needs. It offers a user-friendly interface, robust analytics capabilities, and a strong emphasis on user privacy and data control. Its open-source nature empowers businesses to delve into their online data without compromising user privacy, making it an invaluable tool for organizations seeking actionable insights while respecting the rights and preferences of their visitors.

Applications of Matomo Analysis:

Here are some specific uses of Matomo analysis:

Visitor Behavior Analysis: Matomo allows you to track how visitors interact with your website, including which pages they visit, how long they stay, and which links they click. This information helps in understanding user behavior and preferences.

Conversion Tracking: Businesses can track specific goals and conversions, such as form submissions, product purchases, or downloads. By analyzing conversion data, you can optimize your website or app for better performance and user engagement.

  • commerce Analytics: For online retailers, Matomo offers e-commerce analytics to track sales, revenue, and product popularity. This information is crucial for understanding customer buying patterns and improving the online shopping experience.

Event Tracking: Matomo allows you to track specific events, such as video views, button clicks, or downloads. This feature helps you analyze user engagement with interactive elements on your website.

Custom Dashboards: Users can create customized dashboards to display specific metrics and reports that are relevant to their business goals. Custom dashboards provide a quick overview of key performance indicators.

Heatmaps: Matomo offers heatmap visualization, allowing you to see where users click the most on your website. Heatmaps provide valuable insights into user behavior, helping you optimize your website’s layout and design.

A/B Testing: Matomo enables A/B testing, where you can create multiple versions of a webpage and compare their performance. This helps businesses understand which version performs better in terms of user engagement and conversions.

Security and Privacy: Matomo offers self-hosted solutions, ensuring that sensitive data remains within your control. It prioritizes user privacy, allowing you to comply with data protection regulations like GDPR.

SEO Analysis: Matomo provides valuable data related to search engine optimization, including keywords that drive traffic to your site, popular landing pages, and user engagement metrics. This information helps in refining your SEO strategies.

Campaign Tracking: You can track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by monitoring referral sources, click-through rates, and conversions. This data helps you allocate resources to the most successful marketing channels.

Matomo Analytics Features:

Matomo boasts numerous remarkable features, such as:

•           Real time data updates:

Monitor the live stream of visits to your website as they happen. Receive in-depth insights into your visitors, the pages they’ve navigated, and the goals they’ve achieved.

•           Customizable dashboard:

Design custom dashboards with widgets tailored to your specific requirements.

•           All websites dashboard:

The most effective method to gain a comprehensive overview of activities across all your websites simultaneously.

•           Analytics for Ecommerce:

Enhance your understanding and optimize your online business through advanced Ecommerce analytics features.

•           Goal Conversion Tracking:

Monitor objectives and determine if you’re achieving your present business goals. Goals may be activated when particular page URLs or titles are accessed, when visitors spend a specific duration on the website, or when they interact with custom events such as file downloads or external links.

•           Event Tracking:

Evaluate user interactions across your websites and applications.

•           Content Tracking:

Evaluate impressions, clicks, and click-through rates (CTR) for image banners, text banners, and all elements displayed on your pages.

•           Site Search Analytics:

Track and record searches conducted using your internal search engine.

•           Geolocation:

Accurately identify the location of your visitors, including country, region, city, or organization. View detailed visitor statistics on a world map categorized by country, region, or city.

•           User Segmentation:

Examine and analyze reports for smaller audience segments based on specific criteria such as their country or purchase history.

•           Pages Transitions:

Track and analyze visitor activities both before and after viewing specific pages on your website.

•           Page Overlay:

Display statistics directly on top of your website with our smart overlay.

•           Site speed and page speed reports:

Track the speed at which your website delivers content to your visitors.

•           Page performance reports:

Reports detailed performance metrics for each page view.

•           Analytics Campaign Tracking:

Monitor your newsletters, and advertisements (including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and custom ads), and automatically identify Google Analytics campaign parameters in your URLs, among other features.

•           Accurately measure the time spent by visitors on your website:

It offers a more precise measurement of the bounce rate.

•           Scheduled email reports (PDF and HTML reports):

Integrate reports into your application or website using our wide selection of 40+ widgets, or embed PNG graphs into custom pages, emails, or applications.

•           Annotations:

Add text notes to your graphs to remember specific events or details.

•           Custom Alerts:

You can oversee your business operations and receive alerts on your phone or via email whenever any of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) experience an increase or decrease.

•           Visits Log :

Review individual user sessions and observe all their interactions on your website.

•           Visitor Profile:

This feature provides insights into each visitor’s unique behavior by summarizing and listing all their visits, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of their interactions.


Diverse Approaches for Matomo Analysis Integration:

In the domain of data tracking within Matomo, there exist several viable options, such

  • JavaScript Tracking.
  • Apps & SDK’s.
  • Pixel Tracking.
  • Import Server Logs.
  • HTTPS Tracking API.
  • Installing Required Plugins.
  • Tag Manager.

The fundamental prerequisites for the integration of Matomo using JavaScript Tracking Code:

  1. Create an account on the Matomo website to access their services.
    1. Matomo provides a tracking code snippet that you need to add to the HTML code of your website. This code allows Matomo to collect visitor data.
    1. To track events on your website, such as button clicks, there are two main ways to set up the event tracking within Matomo.
      1. The first method involves using the Tag Manager plugin built into Matomo.
      1. The second method requires adding snippets of JavaScript code directly to the element or action you want to track (e.g., a button click).
      1. For example: onclick=”_paq.push([‘trackEvent’, ‘cases’, ‘List of all cases’, ‘Cases’]);”

Follow these links for detailed documentation

For Matomo Tracking Code: https://developer.matomo.org/guides/trackingapi-clients

For Event Tracking: https://matomo.org/faq/reports/implementeventtrackingwithmatomo/

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Ms. Madhavi Maddali – Sr Software Engineer

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