02 Jan 2023

GenySoft and eDepoze have engaged to Develop, Integrate best-in-class remote deposition cloud platform.

GenySoft AUSTIN, TEXAS, Hyderabad INDIA, December 28, 2022

GenySoft and eDepoze have engaged to redesign & enhance best-in-class web/cloud-based application and technology platform upgrade. With this engagement, GenySoft and eDepoze will integrate, redesign, enhance, and create new features & solutions that will aim to provide superior user experiences and offer capabilities that will empower eDepoze customers to change the status quo by adding value beyond the capabilities available with current iPad solution. In addition, GenySoft will exclusively support all current and future applications and infrastructure management services to eDepoze customers in the global legal market.

Through this strategic initiative, the two companies will extend the application integration of eDepoze to include new functional areas and capabilities of digital deposition such as Video Depositions & Integration with Native Office document support and PDF document support within the eDepoze platform. The two companies will continue to incrementally develop upon eDepoze products and develop cutting-edge solutions that will make it simple for court reporting and transcription agencies to find and schedule reporters, implement an end-to-end transcript production workflow, and provide a leading industry platform for remote and hybrid proceedings, regardless of the method—keeping in line with the eDepoze and GenySoft focus of “Customer First”.

An Integrated Approach to Innovation. Innovation relies on Integration and Inspiring Generation.”

About GenySoft:

GenySoft is a full-service provider of infrastructure managed services(IMS), Application managed services(AMS), Application Integration (Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid), eCommerce Solutions, ERP, CRM, Big Data & Analytics, Software Development, and IT consulting services. GenySoft is a software innovation company whose primary vision is to deliver IT Services. GenySoft has been helping clients globally with technical innovation, quality, and exceptional service. We serve as true business partners to our clients by providing innovative solutions, responding quickly to shifting priorities, changing project scopes, and helping maintain a competitive edge by leveraging the best technical resources globally. GenySoft is a WSO2, JitterBit, Fiorano Consulting Partner, and Reseller focusing on Integration Solutions. We deliver services at Integration Solutions (Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid), SAP ERP, Web Application Development, Managed Services, Digital Marketing, Consulting & Offshoring. We specialize in integrations and deliver bespoke development. Our Managed Services offering provides access to experienced infrastructure administrators and org maintenance. GenySoft offers truly business-focused solutions by creating and maintaining a perfect balance of quality, reliability, delivery, and return on investment (ROI).
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About eDepoze:

eDepoze, LLC is a litigation software company whose flagship product, eDepoze, is a collaborative, cloud-based software platform that brings new efficiencies to the disordered and paper-intensive phase of litigation following e-discovery. eDepoze is the first deposition exhibit software that allows you to electronically prepare exhibits for deposition and then securely introduce them with a laptop. The convenience of showing up without boxes of paper is liberating and eDepoze eliminates the paper process aggravation and cost. It’s simple to organize and surprisingly easy to use. eDepoze’s industry-leading deposition software combines a secure database with an iPad or web-based app interface to deliver paperless deposition convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness while mirroring the familiar paper deposition process. eDepoze’s Witness Prep 2.0TM software brings the same benefits to preparing witnesses to testify at deposition, arbitration, or trial.

Witness Prep
Provide your witness with private access to review documents online when getting ready to testify. Our Witness Prep module allows you to effectively collaborate with your witness on key documents together or remotely.

Arbitration & Mediation

In arbitration, present and distribute exhibits to the entire panel and other participants. In mediation, present case documents and media when making your case to the mediator and other parties.

Hearing & Trial

In hearings, present exhibits and case law to the judge when arguing your motion. In the trial, present and distribute exhibits during opening statements, when examining witnesses, or during closing arguments.
For more information, visit https://www.edepoze.com.

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